Alive in 2016, and Sammies WHUT?

We know it’s been a minute, and I assure we are still workin’ on some new tasty bizness for later this year, but I had to take a moment to comment on some hot news just dropped last night:

Pressure Lounge Sammies Nom 2016

Sammies!  We’re honored to be nominated for anything – hell, we’re honored enough people have even heard our name – but we strive for funk in our sound so to be included with these other amazing bands (that we will surely lose to, if there’s any justice) is truly humbling and inspiring.

THANK YOU everyone who voted to get us in there, we won’t let you down.

-J, A, A, & T
The Pressure Lounge

P.S. Srsly have you HEARD the other bands in this category?  We’re out of our league!  See why:
Big Sticky Mess
HANS! and the Hot Mess
Joy and Madness

I know it’s not smart to promote the competition, but 2 things – 1) if somehow we DO win I don’t want it to be because y’all hadn’t heard these other amazing bands, and 2) they’re all so GOOD.  Our city is awesome.  Everyone should know why.

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