Pressure Lounge - trio seated Color


Modular Sacramento collective blending elements of funk, pop, hip-hop, rock chops, lollipops and metalshop into a dance-motivated groove machine that pursues versatility first.  Drawing years of experience (and other band members!) from multiple bands, core trio Joshua Kräge (guitar/bass/vox), Aaron Linkin (bass/guitar/vox) and Tony Ledesma (drums/vox) meet in The Pressure Lounge to shed the limitations of their other projects and stretch out to play whatever the moment needs to get people MOVING.

Raised on classic rock and oldies but fueled by a lifelong obsession with multiple genre music like Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson and A Tribe Called Quest, frontman Joshua Krage had been living in Sacramento for around 10 years making his way as an auxiliary player in various bands and cover bands until late 2012 when he finished a song that required sharing with the world.  Thus began his quest to form a band as flexible, groove-heavy, and attention-deficit as he was.

Playing out at local open mics and jams around Downtown Sacramento he found many suitable players, but didn’t find the rhythm he was looking for until hearing the powerfully dynamic, John-Bonham-style right-foot BOOM of Tony Ledesma.  Tony has been described by many players as “being able to play a song many different ways while maintaining the same feel”, a power essential to the elastic ethic of The Pressure Lounge.  Pairing up with Ledesma’s booming backbeat is the impossibly agile Aaron Linkin on bass and vocals.  Recommended by a mutual friend as a fit for the band’s elastic style and musicianship, Linkin brings an incomparable set of skills with him including full funk bass and guitar chops, jazz-level vocal arranging skills, and songwriting talents developed from a wealth of previous musical experiences.  The final flavor of the current line-up fell into place in October 2013 when Josh subbed in for a gig with a local cover band and met future wife Amy Anne (who was also subbing in for the band, who would end up being their wedding band, obviously).  Amy hails from Sacramento and has found fame in multiple music projects throughout the years, but recently has been known as an in-demand professional vocalist for such top-tier NorCal cover bands as Hip Service, Love Train and Apple Z.  Her amazing vocal range and versatility defies both belief and description, as does her hottness (rawr).

In addition to our original compositions, we have been known to cover multiple songs by a *wide* array of artists, including CAKE, Turquoise Jeep, Smashing Pumpkins, Elvis Presley, Earth Wind & Fire, Jimi Hendrix, En Vogue, Liam Lynch, Chaka Khan, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Stone Temple Pilots, Tenacious D, R. Kelly, and on and on. The Pressure Lounge never likes to repeat itself, and has been known to employ horns, strings, multiple vocalists, keyboards, a jew’s harp, cowbell, and random indiscriminate interpretive dancers in its quest to get booties movin’ across the United States and beyond.  We are aiming to get your soul shakin’ and your body bakin’, and we’re just getting started.