The Pressure Lounge 2019


Modular Sacramento collective blending elements of funk, pop, hip-hop, rock chops, lollipops and metalshop into a dance-motivated groove machine that pursues versatility first.  Blending stacked horns, heavenly harmonies, and enough funk to move a skyscraper, The Pressure Lounge brings the dance fuel in every color of the groove.

Raised on classic rock and oldies but fueled by a lifelong obsession with multiple genre music like Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson and A Tribe Called Quest, frontman Joshua Krage had been living in Sacramento for around 10 years making his way as an auxiliary player in various bands and cover bands until late 2012 when he finished a song that required sharing with the world.  Thus began his quest to form a band as flexible, groove-heavy, and attention-deficit as he was.

In addition to original compositions, we have been known to cover multiple songs by a *wide* array of artists, including Bruno Mars, CAKE, Turquoise Jeep, Smashing Pumpkins, Elvis Presley, Earth Wind & Fire, Jimi Hendrix, En Vogue, Liam Lynch, Chaka Khan, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Stone Temple Pilots, Tenacious D, Rick James, and on and on. We aim to get your soul shakin’ and your body bakin’.