Debut Single + EP from the Pressure Lounge + Release Show in Sacramento!


Pressure Lounge EP Cover JPEG

At long last, we have done it.

We went into the studio. We recorded the tracks.  We mixed the tracks.  We mastered the tracks.  We sent the tracks off for publishing and CD pressing. We even released a single!

In mere days, our debut EP comprised of 4 of our original compositions will be in our hands.  Soon after, it can be in YOUR hands :) Many thanks to Sean Stack at Fat Cat Recording in Sacramento for his excellent work engineering this endeavor.

Hear our debut single “Pertinent Groove” on AppleMusic by clicking the link;
Hear it on Spotify HERE

And once you’ve dug that sound, mark your calendars for our EP RELEASE SHOW in Sacramento on Saturday, August 31 at Momo Lounge (2708 J St, Sacramento, above Harlow’s).  Check the Event Info and check out this amazing poster by our friend and fellow musician Andrew Barnhart for the show:


We hope to see you at Momo, and please drop a comment and let us know what you think of the single!  The full EP will be streaming Friday Aug 30 on all platforms, and you can pick up a physical copy of the CD at our show and from us afterward.

Also if you don’t already, follow us on Our Facebook Page and Our Instagram Page

Much Love,
Josh Krage

Update Imminent

The Pressure Lounge is still very much alive.

Many apologies to our internet community, we’ve been updating everything from our personnel roster to our social media accounts to our recorded music library (sidenote: STUDIO RECORDINGS TO BE RELEASED LATER 2019!) but our website has definitely been struggling for attention.  Here’s a small update, with more on the way.

Can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on!

The Pressure Lounge

The Pressure Lounge 2019

The Pressure Lounge 2019

Just a Taste

We’ve been taking 2017 to recover from some injuries and retool our lineup and songs, we’ll be back in action in 2018 with new tunes in tow. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of us on some Bowie from a little show we played at Big Sexy Brewing Co in South Sacramento some months back (thanks Keith Lamar for the vid):

See you guys in 2018, and thanks for reading!

Reviews are IN

Just wanted to share a recent review of our band from

  • Quality of Service: 5.0
  • Responsiveness: 5.0
  • Professionalism: 5.0
  • Value: 5.0
  • Flexibility: 5.0

Kristin said… 
If you consider yourself ‘a music person’ who loves music (and your guests do too) and having a quality band is a TOP priority to you, then look no further than The Pressure Lounge. We wanted a band that had solid musical skills (most important!), kept the wedding band cheese-factor to a minimum and would collaborate with us to develop a set list that our guests would know, love and dance to… but that still felt uniquely personalized by us. I did NOT want it to feel like a predictable wedding playlist! And of course, we wanted to cost to not break the bank. The Pressure Lounge exceeded our expectation on every level. Josh made an effort to get to know us personally and really understand our music tastes (and our dislikes – I had a long list of ‘do not play’ songs!). My husband wanted a few New Orleans style funk/brass songs… so they brought on some horn players and learned a handful new songs for us. We wanted songs from the past five decades across all different genres and they played them all flawlessly. I wanted an obscure acoustic song that I love for our processional and without a question, Josh made it happen. We seriously pushed the boundaries and never found the end of their willingness to accomodate and do everything within their power to make our day amazing. Our guests were dancing nonstop the entire time and continue to rave about the band. What’s more? After the wedding, Josh sent me a beautiful panoramic picture he had taken of our ceremony in progress after he was done playing the processional song. How sweet is that?! I admit, I was reluctant at first because The Pressure Lounge itself didn’t have the lengthy track record that other popular ‘wedding bands’ out there have… but I quickly learned that each band member is a total pro with expansive experience playing in other cover bands, I was sold. I can honestly say selecting The Pressure Lounge was one of the best wedding decisions we made. Can’t recommend this band enough!

We as a band are getting our name out there, but for anyone wondering about our experience just know we have all been playing in wedding/cover bands for almost a decade each, and bring all that history into our sets.  We’ll do whatcha need.

The Pressure Lounge is BACK

We’re back with some awesome shows in The Pressure Lounge, starting THIS FRIDAY!:

Fri Aug 19th – The PRESSURE LOUNGE at Yolo County Fair! – FREE 5-6pm

Fri Aug 19thJosh’s BDAY SHOW at Shine Cafe! – 8pm ALL AGES $10 so many special guests, show info in the link. Dig this awesome poster art by Julie Okahara Illustration!:Josh - Bday Show 2016

Sat Aug 20th – I’m not playing, but it’s my actual birthday and I’m going to see so many favorite musicians play at SUMMER OPUS. Tix still available HERE

Tues Aug 23rd – The PRESSURE LOUNGE at Crocker Art Museum – Hosted by Off the Grid every Tuesday, FREE 5-9pm ALL AGES and we play 6:30-8pm

Thurs Aug 25thLED ZEPPELIN thing at Black Vinyl Ale Project in Rocklin – over a score of Sacramento musicians (including all Pressure Loungers) joining forces to pay tribute to the almighty metal balloon which launched so many of our interests in playing rock and roll. 6:30-wheneverPM, ALL AGES, FREE, too many people involved to name.

Fri Sept 23rd – Big 30-40 Bday Show at Old Ironsides! – My gorgeous wife Amy is turning 40 this year, and our friend Leo Valentine is turning 30, and danged if we didn’t find a way to get a whole bunch of musicians and singers in the same room to celebrate these facts! Musical surprises throughout the night and a full set from our friends Carly DuHain and Drop Dead Red! 9pm door / 9:30 show, $10, 21+ and get ready for some VOCALS y’all.

–That’s enough for now, ain’t it! I’ll stop there. Holler at me if you have any questions, and hope to see you at one of these great shows in the near future!

Previously, on The Pressure Lounge…

It’s been awhile since we’ve been out in full force.

While the 4 of us have had lots of fun rocking with stripped-down traditional rock-band instrumentation, we’ve just about had our fill of it. We’re ready to expand again, if you haven’t heard.

If you’ve never seen us at full strength, you can review for yourself exactly what it looks and sounds like.  We’ve had quite a few players through our ranks, and have loved all of them.

We’re gearing up to aim much, much higher.  Stay tuned…

CEO, The Pressure Lounge

Unintended Hiatus Slowly Ending…

It has been a busy 2016 so far for The Pressure Lounge, but mostly away from any stage.

Some of us dealt with some serious personal and family struggles. Some of us got married. Some of us ate pizza. Some of us threw out our back. Some of us rocked in other projects. Some of us excelled in gardening. But all of us have maintained communications and shared music in various forms.

We’re happy to be laying the groundwork to return to stages in and around Northern California beginning this August. If you’ve known us awhile, you won’t be so surprised by what all we bring with us :)

Pressure Lounge - CIP 2015

More news soon…

Alive in 2016, and Sammies WHUT?

We know it’s been a minute, and I assure we are still workin’ on some new tasty bizness for later this year, but I had to take a moment to comment on some hot news just dropped last night:

Pressure Lounge Sammies Nom 2016

Sammies!  We’re honored to be nominated for anything – hell, we’re honored enough people have even heard our name – but we strive for funk in our sound so to be included with these other amazing bands (that we will surely lose to, if there’s any justice) is truly humbling and inspiring.

THANK YOU everyone who voted to get us in there, we won’t let you down.

-J, A, A, & T
The Pressure Lounge

P.S. Srsly have you HEARD the other bands in this category?  We’re out of our league!  See why:
Big Sticky Mess
HANS! and the Hot Mess
Joy and Madness

I know it’s not smart to promote the competition, but 2 things – 1) if somehow we DO win I don’t want it to be because y’all hadn’t heard these other amazing bands, and 2) they’re all so GOOD.  Our city is awesome.  Everyone should know why.